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About Us
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Peaceful Transition Inc. has been a part of Barrie and the surrounding community since 1995. In that time, we have grown to become a funeral service provider offering the same services as the traditional full service funeral home. Peaceful Transition Inc. provides no pressure options for cremation, burial and life celebrations at a fraction of the cost.

We specialize in allowing families to choose the services that best fit their needs. For many years, we have become very well known for keeping things very simple and cost effective. We are now able to provide the full variety of services, whether your family follows traditional funeral service, or have created their own traditions; we’re here to respect your choices. Ultimately, our purpose is not to pressure you into purchases that you do not require, which means no extras or added costs; personalizing the care, respect, and service for both the deceased and your family. Our focus remains on celebrating life, rather than mourning death; with full understanding that we all must grieve the death of our loved ones. Our purpose is to provide appreciation for the lives we live.

Jeffrey Scott & Susanne Pretty, Owners


Sarah Henry, Tribute Preplanner


Sarah has been a part of the Peaceful Transition team for 6 years. She has now obtained her licence as a Director of Pre Arranged Services which will make her an even greater asset to what she already brings to provide the care she does.



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