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Funeral Services

Peaceful Transition Inc. provides the basic, essential funeral services needs at the time of your loved one’s death, whether it be cremation or burial. We provide the transportation from place of death, the documentation required for preliminary estate care, the cremation or burial arrangements and assistance, if needed, for Celebrations of Life. We notify the government, life insurance if applicable and take care of the application forms for Canada Pension Lump Sum Death Benefit as well as Survivors Benefits if necessary. At such a difficult time, we strive to relieve your family of stress and uncertainty by making the Traditional Funeral Service, Visiting/Viewing, Celebration of Life Arrangements, paperwork and financial burden as simple as possible.


By Pre-Planning your funeral arrangements, you can give your family the reassurance that comes from knowing they are prepared for the future. Alleviate the financial anxiety that can often overwhelm unprepared family members and friends by ensuring the necessary services are paid for and all details have been finalized prior to death occurring.

Cremation Services

If you decide cremation is the option you would like to pursue, we will arrange to meet with you to discuss the final arrangements. At the time of passing, we transport the deceased from place of death, whether it be home, hospital or nursing care facility. During this time, we will meet with the Coroner and City Hall to obtain permission from the province to proceed with cremation. While cremation is taking place, we assist you by providing the various resources required to be able to move forward after a loved one dies. This can include Funeral Service/Celebration of Life, Viewing/Visiting before cremation takes place, newspaper notifications and cemetery arrangements if they are required. It is a very simple process that allows you to focus on being with your family and paying tribute to your loved one the way you choose.

Burial Services

If full casket burial is your chosen service, we will meet with you to obtain the required information and discuss final preparations. At the time of passing, we transport the deceased from place of death, whether it be home, hospital or nursing care facility. During this time, we will meet with City Hall and proceed with making Funeral Service/Celebration of Life, Viewing/Visiting and burial arrangements. The chosen cemetery is contacted and a casket is prepared for burial. We will then transport the casket to  the Funeral Service/Celebration of Life, Viewing/Visiting and/or the cemetery for the burial service. 

Additional Services & Merchandise

If required, Peaceful Transition Inc. can provide you with Celebration of Life stationery, memorial cards, register books and thank you cards. We can assist you with your memorial service by suggesting and contacting a suitable venue, obtaining a caterer and location preparation if needed. We have several urn choices in stock with catalogs available for further selection. We have keepsake urns and keepsake jewelry available as well.

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