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Additional Services
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Memorial Service Co-ordination

We guide and assist you with the arrangement of all memorialization details pertaining to location, times, catering, rentals and any other personalized details. Your family will be made well aware of 3rd party disbursement costs in advance of details being confirmed (e.g. rental fees, clergy Honorariums, catering, etc.).


Register Book (Personalized)
Memorial Folders (min. 50)
Thank You Cards (25/box)

Priority Service

We can enable the return of cremated remains in less than three (3) days as requested by estate representative.

Urns & Vaults

A few of the options we have available:

Westminster Antique Enameled – UR-2009 (metal)
Eckels Journey – 4110AB (biodegradable)
Elite Northbrook – NU400 (wood)
Batesville – Ashen Pewter – 205396 (brass)
Fabhaven Divine (marble)
Bateville Pebblecove Urn Vault – 205557
Baker Vault Concrete Crypt (mandatory at some cemeteries)

Service, merchandise and disbursements fees are subject to change.
Please call us for additional information.

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