Are you a funeral home?

We are Class 1 licensed and governed by the Ontario Board of Funeral Services as a full-service Funeral Establishment. Since 1996 Peaceful Transition Inc. has held a Transfer Service licence and has specialized in providing simplistic services. As of June 2014, we are able to offer all the services a traditional Funeral Home does, however will continue to keep in mind a fair and honest cost while allowing your family to make the decision as to how you choose to honour life.

We do everything a full service funeral home does. The reason we can fulfill our purpose in keeping the cost down is because our overhead is different than that of a full service funeral home. We drive Ford not Cadillac and our office is comfortable but functional for the purpose of meeting with families. This ensures that the outstanding care that families receive from us would never be dependent on how much money they spend with us.

We are very thorough with the paperwork we provide for preliminary estate care so that our services do not end without some direction for families. We specialize in providing the services that are chosen by your family.

Can you hold traditional funeral services and celebrations of Life in your facility?

If chosen, we will assist families in finding a venue that is cost effective and functional for their individual needs. We are available to attend Funeral Services and Celebrations of Life if our presence is required and/or desired.

Do you deliver the ashes to the family?

When we receive the cremated remains back from the Crematorium, we arrange with the family a time they can meet us at our office. In the case in which the Executor or Representative of the deceased does not drive, arrangements can be made to go to their home.

Can pre-arrangements be made? Can I prepay for those arrangements?

Yes. Please review the Pre-Plan section of this website for additional information. If you would like to speak with someone to make pre-arrangements, please call us at (705) 739-0139 or visit the Contact Us section of this site to send us an e-mail.

Do I have to pay in advance?

No, it is your choice. Some families will pre arrange their information at no cost or obligation and take care of payment at time of need.

If I prepay my arrangements, are the services guaranteed regardless of cost increases?

Yes, our costs and services are guaranteed when the arrangements have been paid in full. The charges will be calculated using the price list in effect at the time of the death, the growth on the principal investment is applied to the cost of delivering services and then any surplus in the funds would be refunded to the estate. You would only have to pay extra for any service, supplies or taxes that were not included in the prepaid contract. All prepaid contracts entered into on or after July 1, 2012 must be guaranteed.

Are the funds for prepayment held by you?

It is against protocol for a funeral establishment to hold prearrangement funds in their own care. For consumer protection, they must be placed into a trust account or an insurance policy. The decision as to where the funds are placed safely very much depends on individual clients and their own personal situation.

What happens if I change my mind about my plan? Are the funds returned?

After signing a contract with us, there is a 30-day cooling off period in which you can change your mind at any time and get all of your money back. After 30 days you would receive your money back less 10% of the trust amount, up to a maximum of $350.

If I move out of the area, do you have affiliates to whom the prepaid arrangements can be transferred?

Unfortunately at this time, we do not have any affiliate offices. We are currently a single entity corporation but do provide our services in many areas outside of Barrie. We do, however, have contacts in many cities so that we can comfortably refer families to an establishment that will provide good care. Any prepaid arrangement funds can be transferred to another establishment through written letter to the trust or insurance company.

What should I do if a death occurs in the middle of the night or on the weekend?

A staff member is available by phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at 705-739-0139.

Is embalming required?

In Ontario, you are not required by law to embalm a body. Embalming may be recommended for preservation of the body between the time of death and the time of visitation, burial or cremation. You may choose to have the body washed and dressed without embalming.

Embalming may be required if the loved one is being transported by air to another country or in the case of a delayed burial.

Is it illegal to scatter cremated remains?

No. You may scatter cremated remains on unoccupied Crown lands and Crown lands covered by water or on private property with the consent of the land owner. If you wish to scatter on municipally-owned lands, check the municipal by-laws first.


Please contact us if you have any more questions or concerns; we are always available to help.