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The most selfless and responsible thing you can do for your family and friends is give them the peace of mind that comes from being prepared for whatever the future will bring. Funeral Pre-planning is one way of doing this.

Pre-planning simply means that by planning now, you can assure that your wishes reflect your personal lifestyle, customs and beliefs. We offer simple, alternative services that are highly flexible and personalized to suit your needs. You determine your wishes in advance and record them with us. Understandably this is a difficult issue to discuss but by making arrangements beforehand, you have the opportunity to ask questions, receive clear answers and determine costs.

Your Pre-Arrangements

It is important to discuss your pre-arrangements with your family and or executor, and have the information readily available for reference. In addition, maintaining a current signed and sealed Will is extremely important. Regardless of whether you have a huge estate or no estate, it makes taking care of final details at death easier on your family or the designated individual.

While there is no prerequisite to prepay when you make your pre-arrangements, it does make sense from a financial standpoint. The principal and all interest earned remain on deposit until the time of death to cover any increases in cost. Excess funds will be refunded to your estate. As soon as we receive the call that death has occurred, we respond and start the arrangements in motion.

Just a single phone call means being prepared and eases the financial burden that can surround unprepared families and friends at the time of loss.

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