Funeral & Cremation

Complimentary Aftercare

Many funeral homes will help you fill out forms: Cancellation of Health Card, cancellation of SIN Card, CPP and OAS notification, CPP Death Benefit, Spousal Benefit and Children’s Benefit.

We do all of that and then go beyond by initiating contact for you whenever possible with: Insurance Companies, Veteran’s Affairs, Foreign Pension Administrators we will even return your unused medications. Even if another funeral home has served your family, we would be happy to assist where they may not or cannot 24 hours a day… 7 days a week… 365 days a year. Did we mention that all of this is free?


Burial, or interment as it is often referred to, does not have to follow or take place in connection with a service as has been the tradition. Many people prefer a more affordable (can I be buried in Grandma’s plot with her?), simpler (a blessing at the graveside or some friends gathering to say a few words), and more meaningful exit. The burial can take place ahead of a service or at a more convenient time for those involved.

Green burials – the way it all started in the first place – are making a comeback. No embalming, wrapped in a shroud or dressed in biodegradable clothing and placed in either a simple pine box or placed directly into the grave is certainly less expensive and less evasive.


Many people presume that when a cremation takes place, nothing else is happening; this couldn’t be further from the truth. Cremation is simply the process of breaking down the body through intense heat and flames to ash and small bone fragments (cremated remains). Services, blessing, parties, celebrations, call them what you will – all of these things can largely still take place whenever and wherever you like.


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