Patricia Margaret McGuire (nee Peters)

August 3, 1947 - January 20, 2020

Funeral Details: Arrangements entrusted to Peaceful Transition Barrie

It was at about noon on Jan. 20th, 2020 when I got the call.

Next phase of Patricia Margaret McGuire's journey boarding now - ALL ABOARD.

Well, let me just say, with the bucket list almost complete and 3 years of battling the BIG ‘C’, I kinda didn't mind hearing that.


It was a long elevator ride, UP of course. The door slid open and there they were, a league of friends and family all smiling and cheering.  "Come join us" they called and I did as soon as I could wade through the throng of wagging tales and floppy ears, all of whom I had lived with over the years.


In the days leading up to this journey I had the opportunity to gather a few thoughts and here they are:


“Thank you Dr. Mike (McCovey) and the incredibly great team in that office.  You made things much better and easier.  Thanks to the medical team at R.V.H. oncology and to Hospice Simcoe for the very best of care.


Thank you, Lacey, Ben and Hudson.  Lacey, you were the best little girl we could ever have hoped for and I love you and your young family dearly.  You have grown up strong, a great MUM and a pride to both of us.  Thanks also to Bernie Sullivan of Children's Aid who matched us with such a beautiful daughter.


Thank you to Gord and Ada, John and Sandy, the girls and all the family for being my Canadian family.


Thank you to Mum (Sissie) Dad (Walter) and Aunt Vi for being my Scottish family.


Hudson, I just love that name, strong and masculine.  I would like to have been beside you during your formative years.  I know that if you take your lead from your Mum and Dad, and turn out as good and honest as them, then I have no fear for you.  Walk tall Grandson.


To Sylvia, a dear friend who counseled and guided me through this illness;

To Rita and Paul, Lindy and family, U.K. Diane and Mark, Joyce and John, lifelong friends through good and bad, always by my side;

To Kathy and Dianne whose help and love have been wonderful over these trying years;

To Ken and Heather always offering, always willing and always doing.  Molly (Marle) and Audrey a shared love of animals;

To Helen and Alan, Sue and Derek, Bev and Terry and all their wonderful children whom I watched grow up;

Marlene and Jack, good friends, good times; Irene a friend and comrade: - Thank you all.


My love to McGuire, whose first name is Brian for those of you who have never heard me use it.  He has guided me through mood swings and anxiety with unwavering love and humour.  My Rock!


 There have been so many people, friends and family over the years, both here and in Scotland and my mind wants to mention them all but is not clear enough to do so.  Please don't take offence.  You know who you are and each and every one of you has been a special person and a wonderful friend.  Thank you all.


In closing, may I request that you love and respect all animals, get rid of that world-threatening TRUMP and recycle everything.


These are my words, straight from my heart.

My love to all”,

Pat x


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