Timothy Edward Raycraft

July 20, 1966 - July 9, 2018

Funeral Details:

Timothy Edward Raycraft, Barrie ON, died too soon on July 9, 2018, at the age of 52, but his larger-than-life persona and trademark stubbornness will not be forgotten.

Tim was born on July 20,1966 and was the youngest son of the late Carol Raycraft (Dennis) and Norm Raycraft (Sharon).

Tim had many loves. He loved his fiancée, Laura Ironside, his children Kendra Raycraft (Chris) and Catlin Raycraft, along with his step children Kassandra Ironside (Ted) and Christopher Ironside. Tim will live on through his children and grandchildren as well as in our memories and hearts.

Tim loved his golden oldies and mixed genres of music, the black and white TV show “The Rifleman” with Chuck Connery (which he made Laura watch every Sunday morning), movies, documentaries on history and the wars, sports, food and more food, any type of sauce or dressing, taking afternoon naps, travelling and enjoying the Costa Rica sun.

Tim fondly reminisced about the good old days, good friends, good drinks and good times. Tim kept busy riding in the wind on his motorcycle, connecting with friends for a game of pool and playing endless Frisbee with our dogs.

Tim had a contagious smile he called his ‘Raycraft Charm’, that went along well with his sarcastic humour. To quote Winston Churchill: “He was a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma.”

He will be greatly missed and fondly remembered by not only his close and distant family but also by many friends.



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