Wesley (Wes) John Marshall

August 1, 1927 - September 26, 2020

Funeral Details: Lovingly Remembered

Wesley John Marshall, after a long race well run, has reached the finish
line. We know he crossed it with hands held high, in celebration of a life
well lived. Until recently he was still home with his wife Marion of 69+
years. They had four children: Larry, Randy (wife Susan), Sue (husband Jack)
and Debra (husband Tony). Grandchildren Lauren, Katie, Tom and Brooke were
deeply loved.  Dad was an animal lover and always had dogs and cats. He has
a dog he named 'Buddy', which sums up their rapport.  Throughout our lives
his support has been unwavering. He had a sincere interest in our varied
careers, to the extent of helping out in Larry's Law office for 20+ years.
He was a cheerleader for our various sports, happily getting up at 5am to
take Randy to hockey and cheering Randy on from the football stands. He
never missed any of Deb's equestrian competitions; or just to watch her ride
and be company at the barn.  Yes, the horses were very fond of Dad too and
they nickered at him when they saw him.  Dad was always our "go to" for
house repairs and renovations, something Sue was drawn to and she picked up
his flair for power tools and tool belts which Dad greatly admired her for.
He and Mom stood in the cold rain to watch Larry race in Fall rowing
regattas, after observing with a wink, that he might have known Larry would
find a sport to do sitting down.  Truth be told, Dad knew rowing was a sport
that requires fitness from your nose to your toes and he was immensely
impressed with Larry's decades long dedication to rowing.  During our many
long drives back from the cottage we'd stop in Kirkfield to get gas.  The
four of us kids would have our faces pressed against the back windows just
hoping he'd bring us back a treat when he went in to pay for the gas.  He
never disappointed and would come back with a fistful of treats which led to
the rattling of the packaging being unwrapped in the car.  Dad confused us
one Christmas years ago when we found a gift under the tree, "to Marni with
love"; and that's the year we learned "Marni" was Dad's nickname for Mom.
We would marvel at how many people Dad knew when we went out as a family.
He would smile and wave with a "Hey great to see you/how are you doing!" to
people we hadn't met before; but Dad knew them.  When Tony first met Dad,
Dad invited him to York Downs for a round of Golf.  Sharing his passion,
Tony stepped up to the Tee block and shanked it to the left.  Dad as kind as
he always was said "I didn't see that ~ hit another one Tony" as they looked
down the fairway trying to figure out where the first ball landed.
Deb, Tony, Lauren, Katie and Tom were especially blessed to have Dad (and
still Mom) living with them for those spontaneous chats and coffees. All of
us consider ourselves lucky to have had so many years with Dad, a parent and
friend, who was most often characterized as 'a really nice guy' henceforth,
Life won't quite be the same, or as much fun......rest well.


7 Condolences
  • Tony Kastelic
    Posted on: Friday, October 2, 2020 Reply

    Save me a Tee Time…..but no rush on that. Do they have Mulligans in Heaven?

  • Debra Greer
    Posted on: Saturday, October 3, 2020 Reply

    Married for almost 70 years!! Thank you for building such a wonderful family. So many warm memories. I’ll miss you forever Dad!! I’ll love you even longer …

    • Calven
      Posted on: Sunday, October 4, 2020 Reply

      Condolences from your Unity family to you and yours Debra. The eulogy is a beautiful tribute to a loving and caring father with a great sense of family values. We can clearly see these values are instilled in you; may the guidance from your Dad (and his legacy) continue to serve you well in life. Take care, our thoughts are with you.

  • Debra Greer
    Posted on: Saturday, October 3, 2020 Reply

    One of our many family outings with good cheer! Won’t be the same without you at the table with us. We’ll fondly remember all our laughing with you and our stories.

  • Al Kacsor
    Posted on: Sunday, October 4, 2020 Reply

    I fondly remember a golf trip to Florida with Wes, Randy and I a number of years ago. It was great…and my pleasure to golf with gentleman.
    You’ll be missed Wes !

  • Lisa Holmes
    Posted on: Sunday, October 4, 2020 Reply

    What a lovely tribute to your Dad Deb. I always remember how kind he was when our paths would cross. He always had a smile for me and my family at the MAPS Spring and Christmas concerts for our kids. He is now watching over all of you and I know he is so Proud of his family. He is Always in your hearts. Sending Love and Strength to you all 💕

  • Randy Marshall
    Posted on: Sunday, October 11, 2020 Reply

    Dear Pops. Your health was a bit bumpy for the last few years so you leaned on the Pearly Gates of heaven a few times for sure. But you told the Lord you still had things to do on earth and true to your titanium core you bounced back to us so many times. On September 26 your final calling came and I am now sure God has just received his new best friend. Dad you had a great way of captivating all who knew you in meaningful conversation. The phones calls and tributes coming in since you left us only confirmed what the family already knew and that was what a loving classy man you were.
    Your kids, Larry , Sue , Deb and I ( Randy ) were so lucky to grow up in the peaceful fun home you and Mom created . Your son and daughters in law Tony, Susan and Jack as well as your grandchildren Lauren, Katie , Brooke and Tommy also felt that peace and love from you. Forever you helped mold our own choices in life.
    Dad you were a successful athlete, good business man and had really good friends in many social circles. When any of us humans lives past 90 it is considered a “ Babe Ruthian” home run. You did it near perfectly. We had so many more years with you Dad to build memories and that we all did.
    Don’t you worry about your lovely wife , our mom, married for 69 years because she’s tough and is coping very well after you left us.
    To be as accomplished a man as you were Dad but remain truly humble and kind is a lesson for all people to observe and emulate!!
    I revel in peace with all the great memories! One memory happened at a Toronto Maple Leaf hockey game. During the game the Leafs scored, which was rare in those days, Dad jumped up in celebration and accidentally knocked over the guys beer next to him and it spilled all over the guy. Dad was mortified and I watched as dads sincere apology to the gentlemen brought about the only sensible reaction and that was a big smile to my Dad and the words “ no problem sir “. This gentleman and dad engaged in great dialogue for the rest of the game and then exchanged phone numbers.
    That was you Dad in a nuts shell !
    You were blessed, we were blessed to call you our Dad and we now miss you dearly. Forever !!

    We all can’t wait to unite with you again in heaven but I hope you understand that we hope it isn’t too soon !

    Long live the celebration of life for Wesley John Marshall. It was one heck of a ride !!
    I know you are now at total peace, in every way, so RIP for your job in life so well done ❤️❤️

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